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Jiblah for Advanced Industries company, formerly Hassan Ahmad Al-Sarraj Sons company, is one of the first automated production facilities of concrete blocks in Kuwait.The factory produces all kinds of concrete blocks; solid, hollow, load-bearing, and resistant for all different market dimensions.

Leadership in providing a sustainable, built environment focused on satisfying customer life. Provide practical, sustainable, and high-quality building materials solutions by focusing on research and development and driving the spirit of innovation within our solutions, continuously focusing on the changing customer needs.

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  • Milestones - 1980
    The concrete block factory was established
  • Milestones - 2014
    Development of production line and use of modern manufacturing systems.
  • Milestones - 2020
    Development of all company operation, industerial facilities, and equipment
  • Milestones - 2021
    Adding the interlock blocks product, including actual production